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"When I discovered the Ecofiltro at a national fair, I thought, every Guatemalan family should have cccess to clean water. At World Vision, we have been able to help over 35,000 families in rural areas since then with this culturally accepted filter that I also use in my own home! I recommend this filter to everyone and many of my relatives purify their water at home with the Ecofiltro that I am proud to say is made in Guatemala!"

"Ecofiltros have played an important role in preventive health for the boys and girls of rural Guatemala. Thanks to Ecofiltro, at Plan International, we have helped to prevent intestinal infections in hundreds of primary schools where the kids now have access to safe water in their classrooms. Also, the Ecofiltros have been very valuable when we have distributed them after natural disasters in the country."

”At Ninos de Guatemala we use Ecofiltros to prepare the food and provide drinkwater for our childeren. It has given us a sustainable way of providing clean drinking water and has taught the children what clean water means for their health. Now the families in our community have started using Ecofiltros and are seeing the huge immediate health impact on themselves and their children.”

“At Michos our concern is always our customers and since we put a great focus on our food we believe we should put the same focus on the quality of the water served. Having Ecofiltro water available enhances who we are and demonstrates our commitment to clean drinking water in Guatemala.”

"I Have visited the Ecofiltro factory last year, coming all the way from Cambridge, MA to Antigua, Guatemala, just to see and learn about the excellent social business model that Philip Wilson and his team have implemented. The Ecofiltro ceramic pot filter is the best example of successful household drinkinkg water treatment and safe storage dissemination."

"I am providing my kids with trustworthy pure water while helping others at the same time..."

"Come and try our pastis liqueur prepared with pure filtered water!!! Thanks to our new Ecofiltro, it´s the best pastis you can drink in Central America, for sure".

"Ecofiltro allowed me to get clean water inside the homes of all my employees... and they will save tons of money on bottled water all year long."

"As experts in coffee preparation, we recommend Ecofiltro as the best option for purified water to prepare the best cup of coffee."

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