Assembling your Ecofiltro for the first time


  1. Set all the parts on a counter.

  2. Set filtering unit to one side.

  3. Wash the container, container lid and spigot with clean water and soap. Let air dry for 30 minutes.

  4. Secure the spigot on the container by putting one rubber sealer on each side of the container (one inside, one outside). Screw in tight.

  5. Wash hands.

  6. Remove the filtering unit from the plastic bag and carefully place inside the container, allowing the upper lip to rest on the top of the container.

  7. Fill the Ecofiltro to the rim with water.

  8. Cover with lid.

  9. The Ecofiltro will begin to filter. It should take 10 hour initially for the entire amount to filter.

  10. Open the spigot and drain all the water into a bucket or pitcher. This water can be used to wash fruits and vegetables or water plants. We recommende that you do not drink this water as it will taste strongly of clay.

  11. Repeat one more cycle of filling and draining.

After two cycles, refill. Water will now filter from 1 to 2 liters per hour. Drink and enjoy.

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