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Ecofiltro is a social enterprise that has a very clear objective. To reach 1 million guatemalan families in rural areas with clean water by the year 2020.


We will only use financially sustainable methods to reach this goal and we will always remain open to sharing our production process and marketing tactics with any outside group that wants to solve the water challenge in their home country.



Ecofiltro got its start over 20 years ago and has operated as a "non-profit" for most of its history. Philip Wilson, our CEO, realized that the scope of the water problem - that is the lack of pure water in the rural households of so many guatemalans - could not effectively be dealt with from the donation dependent operation that existed at the time he became involved. He decided to convert Ecofiltro to a social enterprise and followed a hybrid approach where urban sales of filters would serve to finance the distribution of rural filters at an affordable price. Ecofiltro S.A. also at this time began designing and planning for a modern factory capable of producing 20,000 filters per month. The new Ecofiltro factory opened in April 2012. To date, Ecofiltro has distributed over 500,000 filters throughout Guatemala.


"The Create Good Foundation and the JS Hussey Foundation have been outstanding partners and have permitted Ecofiltro to significantly expand its production capacity and reach thousands more families in rural Guatemala, particularly in coffee growing regions."

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